Shraga and I just wanted to send this quick email of THANK YOU again from the bottom of our heart for all that you are doing for Glennwood and our kids.

We were very touched and moved that on top of all the hard work you put into the “ making “ of Glennwood .

You find and take the time on a Saturday to come on your free day and drive group of kids to a filming and activities. That incredible…………

You are right there for the big things and the small hands on moments…..God bless you.,

All of our adult lives we have been in the “ Leadership “ and “ Employer “ side of things and we know all too well how hard it is to make and create and to try to make so many people happy.

Your have created here an amazing place in spite of all the challenges.

Please know that we are always here for you.

With Much Respect and Appreciation for all that you do for our community.

Best Regards,


Shula and Shraga Agam.