Resident Requirements

The residents must be at least 18 and up to 59 years old, male or female, and must be moderate to higher functioning and a good fit for the current client population (service levels one and two). High risk medical conditions will not be a candidate as well as individuals who have TB, history of fire setting, known sex offender, violent behaviors and mental health conditions not controlled through medication. Non-ambulatory residents (up to 24 total) are required by the City of Laguna Beach to be on the first floor in non-ambulatory ADA compliant rooms. All developmental disabilities, physical or intellectual are welcome, for example, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, William Syndrome, non-ambulatory birth traumas, autism: Functioning Level 1 and 2 as defined by Orange County Regional Center and also as required by Laguna Beach for the Glennwood House property’s Conditional Use Permit. Fire Starters, PICA, Prader Willy Syndrome and residents with violent behavior will not be accepted.