Glennwood Housing Foundation 5th anniversary Celebration

Online Sponsorships and Tickets available 7/9/18

Glennwood Housing Foundation will be celebrating it’s 5th anniversary on September 29th at Tivoli Too in Laguna Beach, California. We invite you to join us in this special celebration by partnering with us in our mission to provide supportive independent living for intellectually and/or developmentally disabled young adults.

Glennwood House of Laguna Beach provides our Residents their first opportunity to live independently in a safe, diverse, dynamic, and loving community offering special programs, social involvement, and assisted living. As one of our Residents recently said “I want to give back and be productive!” With increased self confidence and inclusion in their local community these passionate and amazing young people are reaching their goals and sharing their gifts and dreams.
We are expecting a tremendous community turnout for this special event and some of the highlights of the day will feature Resident artwork created with LOCA (Arts Education of Laguna Beach), weekend getaways and many other unique auction opportunities.

We hope that you will choose to be a part of this important and exciting event and appreciate your generosity through your sponsorship of our 5th Anniversary Celebration. The legacy of your gift today as partners in our mission will live on in the hearts of our Glennwood Stars that we celebrate this year.